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comic swapping. in edinburgh.'s Journal
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Friday, September 15th, 2006
11:19 pm
Right! 3rd time lucky....
Sorry, i've not posted recently, but uni stuff, blah,blah has been getting in the way. I've also lost my d\b of my graphics, so i'll do a new one and post a link to it at the beginning of the week.
Anyway sparrowpunk suggested a pub meet, maybe once a month? It's a great idea, so if anyone is still interested, what night suits best? beginning or end of month? Le's come up with a date for the first one & swap comics!
Friday, July 21st, 2006
12:14 am
Hey folks :)
I kinda tried to see if anyone was interested in keeping this going a wee while ago. I've been a wee bit lazy recently due to Uni work, but the girlfriend has cracked the whip & made me sort out all my graphic novels! I'm not on the friends list of everyone in the group, but i'm sure I kinda know most of you through other people, so I can pretty much trust you all ;)
Is it worth me uploading a list(in MS Access)of my graphics etc? & other folks can do the same? I'm thinking if we can sort this out, we can give members a months leeway on Graphics\Trades etc & maybe we can meet once a month in the Pub or summat?
Monday, April 10th, 2006
3:39 pm
Deathlok comics giveaway


I want to shift some Deathlok comics. They're going to the charity shop unless anyone claims them. Deathlok is a grumpy cyborg who has internal arguments with his computer brain. He blows up lots of tanks and stuff. I loved them as a kid but they didn't work for me the second time round.

I have:

  • Astonishing Tales 30, 34 and 35
  • Marvel Two-In-One 27 featuring the Thing
  • Deathlok Special four-issue mini series from 1991.

Plus, while I'm at it, Thing: Freakshow parts 2 and 3, Micronauts issue 8 and 9, and Swamp Thing 64 which I think is Alan Moore's last issue.

Anybody want 'em?

Friday, February 3rd, 2006
3:31 pm
comic chat - serenity
the serenity comic is out, collecting the three singles that were out about the time the movie hit theraters. now i get a bit fussy about movie/novel comic crossovers, since i feel each medium has advantages and disadvantages, but this one is a little gem. joss has resisting the tempation to let river (who is the main character of the film) take over, and instead concetrates on the ship's crew and their own motivations and personalities. i wouldn't say much more, but the artwork is very high quality, and reflects the actors who play the characters very well, without losing the sutble beatuy of panels.

it is a bit short, but there is a 1 on the spine, which makes my hopeful there may be more.

PS- i am jen, roleplaying edinburgh based student with far too many comics. some are precious, and no offence, but i won't be lending them out until i get to know people a bit better. that bing said, i have serveral issues that people may well be interested in.

immedicantly available for lending -
top ten - alan moore (not as outstanding as V for vendetta, but some nice ideas and interesting characters)
bleach 1
exel saga 1 (comic version of the fantastic series)
spooked - intereting little ghost story which may be continued
pvp - serveral issues of the webcomic
cowboy bebop - 1,2 and 3

sample of full libary - plenty junko mizuno (japanese female artist with stylised form), kabuki, megatoyko, ito (the uzumaki series is especially brilliant), gloom cookie, posion elves, transmet, chobits (full) pet shop of horrors (full), banksy, edward gorey, nightmares and fairy tales (slg), sernity rose (slg) plus other assorted bits and bobs.

would a get together sometime in the near future be possible?
6:03 am
Is this community still active?
Hi folks :)
I think that this community is a really good idea :) Just stumbled across it, but i'm well up for sharing graphics\comics if people in the comm are still about?
Friday, July 16th, 2004
4:31 pm
so i finally got round to buying preacher 6 and 7- tentative plan is to read them, make dragal read them, throw them at colin and simon tomorrow and get them back on wednesday to throw at figg... does this sound ok to all involved?

also, who did i lend gloomcookie 3 to? and should i bother making a list of what i have so people can comment and disparage my taste in comics arrange to borrow?

Current Mood: busy
Friday, July 2nd, 2004
7:14 pm
Currently in circulation:

Tara sparrowpunk has the authority 1-4, and the invisibles 2 & 3.

Paul gominohoukai has the invisibles one.

Steph xquix has JTHM (The directors cut) + Family Guy Series one.

Jamie spacelem has Family Guy 2/3

Zombywuf has 1-10 of Transmet.

Does anyone want to own up to having my Nausiacaa (of the valley of the wind)? (spudtater?)

I also have recently purchased "Global frequency" and The invsibles 4,5,6 & 7.
6:53 pm
well, it seemed like a good idea at the time
so. i suppose this means i should actually buy more comics, then. and post a list of them here.

later. after food :)
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