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Deathlok comics giveaway


I want to shift some Deathlok comics. They're going to the charity shop unless anyone claims them. Deathlok is a grumpy cyborg who has internal arguments with his computer brain. He blows up lots of tanks and stuff. I loved them as a kid but they didn't work for me the second time round.

I have:

  • Astonishing Tales 30, 34 and 35
  • Marvel Two-In-One 27 featuring the Thing
  • Deathlok Special four-issue mini series from 1991.

Plus, while I'm at it, Thing: Freakshow parts 2 and 3, Micronauts issue 8 and 9, and Swamp Thing 64 which I think is Alan Moore's last issue.

Anybody want 'em?

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